right [adj1] fair, just appropriate, condign, conscientious, deserved, due, equitable, ethical, fitting, good, honest, honorable, justifiable, lawful, legal, legitimate, merited, moral, proper, requisite, righteous, rightful, scrupulous, standup*, suitable, true, upright, virtuous; concept 545 —Ant. corrupt, immoral, inequitable, unfair, unjust, wrong right [adj2] accurate, precise absolute, admissible, amen, authentic, bona fide, complete, correct, exact, factual, faithful, free of error, genuine, immaculate, indubitable, inerrant, infallible, just, nice, on the money*, on the nose*, out-and-out*, perfect, proper, punctilious, real, right as rain*, righteous, right on*, rigorous, satisfactory, solemn, sound, strict, sure, thoroughgoing, true, undistorted, undoubted, unerring, unmistaken, utter, valid, veracious, veridical, veritable, watertight*; concepts 535,557,582 —Ant. imprecise, inaccurate, inadmissible, wrong right [adj3] appropriate, fitting acceptable, adequate, advantageous, all right, becoming, befitting, comely, comme il faut, common, condign, convenient, correct, decent, decorous, deserved, desirable, done*, due, favorable, felicitous, fit, good, happy, ideal, merited, nice, opportune, proper, propitious, requisite, rightful, satisfactory, seemly, sufficient, suitable, tolerable; concepts 558,572 —Ant. inappropriate, unfitting, unsuitable, unsuited, wrong right [adj4] sane, healthy all there, balanced, circumspect, compos mentis, discerning, discreet, enlightened, far-sighted, fine, fit, hale, in good health*, in the pink*, judicious, lucid, normal, penetrating, rational, reasonable, sound, unimpaired, up to par*, well, wise; concepts 314,403 —Ant. insane, mad, unfit, unhealthy right [adj5] conservative politically die-hard*, old-line*, orthodox, reactionary, right wing, traditionalistic; concepts 529,689 —Ant. left right [adj6] opposite of left clockwise, dexter, dextral, right-handed; concept 581 —Ant. left right [adv1] accurately, precisely absolutely, all the way, altogether, bang*, clear, completely, correctly, entirely, exactly, factually, fully, genuinely, just, perfectly, quite, sharp, slap, smack-dab*, square, squarely, thoroughly, totally, truly, utterly, well, wholly; concepts 531,557,582 —Ant. inaccurately, incorrectly, wrongly right [adv2] appropriately, suitably acceptably, adequately, amply, aptly, becomingly, befittingly, fittingly, properly, satisfactorily, well; concepts 558,572 —Ant. inappropriately, unsuitably, wrongly right [adv3] fairly, justly conscientiously, decently, dispassionately, equitably, ethically, evenly, honestly, honorably, impartially, lawfully, legitimately, morally, objectively, properly, reliably, righteously, sincerely, squarely, virtuously, without bias, without prejudice; concept 545 —Ant. unfairly, unjustly, wrongly right [adv4] beneficially advantageous, exceedingly, extremely, favorably, for the better, fortunately, highly, notably, perfectly, remarkably, to advantage, very, well; concepts 537,572 —Ant. unfairly right [adv5] directly, without delay at once, away, direct, due, first off, forthwith, immediately, instanter, instantly, now, promptly, quickly, right away, straight, straight away, straightly, undeviatingly; concept 799 —Ant. indirectly right [n1] privilege advantage, appanage, authority, benefit, birthright, business, claim, comeuppance, desert, deserving, due, exemption, favor, franchise, freedom, immunity, interest, liberty, license, merit, permission, perquisite, power, preference, prerogative, priority, title; concept 376 right [n2] justice, morality correctness, emancipation, enfranchisement, equity, freedom, good, goodness, honor, independence, integrity, lawfulness, legality, liberty, properness, propriety, reason, rectitude, righteousness, rightness, straight, truth, uprightness, virtue; concept 645 —Ant. corruption, immorality, injustice, unfairness, unjustness, wrong right [v] fix, correct adjust, amend, balance, clean up, compensate for, debug*, dial back*, doctor*, do justice, emend, fiddle with*, fix up, go straight, launder, make up for, mend, overhaul, patch, pick up, put in place, put right, recalibrate, recompense, recondition, reconstruct, rectify, redress, repair, restore, reward, scrub, set straight, settle, set upright, shape up, sort out, square, straighten, straighten out, turn around, vindicate; concepts 126,212 —Ant. break, upset, wrong

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